Monday, June 17, 2013

The Shattered Podcast, Ep. 4: Neo-Nude Detroit

It's that time again, boys and grills.

Time for some Summer lovin'. 

Make it sweet like honey.

And don't forget, "GIVE ME MONEY."

On the podcast today are: Ben, Everett, Elliot, Kelso, Pedro, and Jay. 

Intro music is: You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire, by Queens of the Stone Age. 

Outro music is: I'm Gonna Marry a Prostitute, by Tonetta.

Listen Here!


  1. It's not "give me money" it's "GIBE MONI"

  2. I am always surprised by how much I love this podcast

  3. Fucking Mayor Moon, I love scalloped potatoes